RECOMMENDED BY - Fela Durotoye

”My name is Fela Durotoye. I’m an Executive Coach, a Leadership Expert, a Global Speaker, and a Nation Builder. I have had the awesome privilege of working with Coach Chindah Chindah, quite a few times. And I can say for real, that he is vast, experienced and totally practical in delivering bespoke solutions to all relationship challenges.

One thing I love about this guy; he is real, he’s raw and he’s uncensored in his approach. To experience Chindah’s transformational approach in helping you thrive and build a satisfying marriage. I highly recommend this course or any of his other services to you”

Fela Durotoye
Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, Global Speaker & A Nation Builder.

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RECOMMENDED BY - Dr. Naomi Osemedua

“One of the things I love about Chindah is his ability to share deep and intimate insights to strengthen the marriage relationship that will keep you at the edge of your seat and cracking up with intense laughter while he holds a straight face.

I cannot recommend him enough …Get this course if you are married, get it for your friends, get it for your enemies…and if you plan to get it right when you eventually tie the knot…do yourself and your future partner a favor and grab this course NOW!”

Dr. Naomi Osemedua
Founder- The Women with Stories International.

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These guys are the real deal! They practice what they preach and I can testify that they experience, through God’s wisdom and grace, one of the happiest marriages I know.

If you’re wanting to experience more of heaven in your marriage, then this course is for you.

Steven Giles
International Evangelist / Transformational Speaker

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My name is Eden A. Onwuka, I am a Maxell John C. Maxwell Certified Women Coach and the founder of; A Woman and Half. I’m a relationship and Mindset coach and I help women find themselves using Emotional mastery and Mindset.

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Chinddah Chindah on several projects. And speaking to the lives of single women, single men, newly married couples, mature couples, just helping them in the area of relationship alignment to have stronger, better, more spicy marriages. Chindah Chindah is; I refer to him as Immense Coach.

He is that coach you need for your marriage. His background is a combination of Sciences, engineering, anatomy, spirituality and his multi-dimensional approach as an entrepreneur, in the IT space and still a mentor to many. He is practising clergy and a trained certified married counsellor. That rare combination where there is a slice of everything brings out this integrated holistic approach to relationships and marriages. We will all agree that in a changing world, a monosided approach no longer works, but a holistic integrated approach that speaks to the mental, spiritual, emotional, physical well-being of not just a relationship or union, but the individuals in that relationship is the futuristic way of managing relationships. He has my utmost respect and my recommendation.  John Maxwell Certified Relationship and Mindset Coach.

Eden A Onwuka
John Maxwell Certified Relationship and Mindset Coach.
Member, Forbes Coaches Council
Founder: Woman And Half (USA)

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“I watched and listen to Coach Chindah teach sex and relationship. I ran and got my wife to join me. He was very: actionable, useful, and uncomplicated in methods to make marriage and relationships work. As Africa’s number one sales coach, I endorse this man.”

Paul Foh
Africa's Number #1 SALES TRAINER
Entrepreneur - Transformational Keynote Speaker

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“Hi, I have got the opportunity to consult with Chinda about my very sensitive time of life, when I was getting married. Chinda, put the light of his wide experience of dealing with couples on my crucial time of evolving as an independent professional girl to a responsible married wife.

With his help, I could understand that a marriage is a journey where a not only one person can put his input. It’s a joint venture where both parties have to play their role equally. Now, I have been happily married for nearly 3 years. Thanks so much, Chinda for your help and support. I would highly recommend everyone to seek his advice when dealing with relationship or couple issues.”

Erum Sajid
(Director) Work on It Ltd.
Senior Immigration Executive
Adam Bernard Solicitors

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RECOMMENDED BY - Marine Wynter

“My fiance and I at the time had a session with Coach Chindah Chindah of Married Life Management LTD. It was quite a session with us. He made us delve into ourselves and our past as we prepare to get married. His questions made us look into our lives on a different level.

He is very honest and clearly has a passion for marriage. He taught us about building a long-lasting and ever-loving marriage. He also recommended books for us to read. For me, what was very prevalent, was the time I and my fiance had to spend preparing for our marriage which was due to his guidance and coaching. 

I would recommend highly and honestly that, anyone who wants to marry, should have some form of coaching before entering into marriage and Coach Chindah is the man. Things do come up in pre-marriage sessions. These could be things that you might be worried about beforehand but you still need to consider. It helps to discuss these things and communicate agreements properly, to get a better knowledge and understanding of each other’s perspectives.”

Marine Wynter
Stress Relief Coach

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“When it comes to marriage, intimacy, and strategies for building a transformational marriage, Chindah Chindah does not play.

Chindah is driven by a passion to see couples enjoy marriage as a heaven on earth relationship. His energetic style of delivery makes him stand out as one of the best couple coaches.

Chindah’s coaching sessions are about the transformation of the heart and mind and he is an expert in delivery. To be in his sessions is to become completely Chindah, the term used to describe the experience in any of his sessions. I recommend him and also look forward to all the amazing things he has in his storehouse.”

Taiye Aluko
Certified Marriage Counsellor and Coach - Africa
Founder: H.A.P.P.Y Home Builder

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RECOMMENDED BY - Tony & Nicki Vee

“What can we say about Mr & Mrs Chindah Chindah other than that they are an amazing, talented, and loving couple committed to making a difference in the lives of couples struggling in their marriage. 

They are both dedicated to what they do and are incredible at it. As trainers of coaches, it’s a joy to see them do so well in assisting couples to resolve their relationship issues.”

Tony & Nicki Vee
Relationship Coach Trainers 

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RECOMMENDED BY - Galia Yakimova

“I know Chindah & his wife for a few years. Knowing their work, coaching & supporting couples, and seeing the great results couples are having, also in my personal experience, I will always recommend them.”

Galia Yakimova
International Evangelist / Transformational Speaker

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