The Married Life Management Community Private FB Group is a POWERFUL community of like-minded mature Singles, Newlywed, Married and the Divorced.

This is an online help and support marriage group for serious minded couples.

So, I will suggest you come with an open mind and prepare to learn and share your knowledge to support each other in this journey of creating long-lasting relationships with our spouses. Make sure you go through the entire welcome address so that you are in alignment with us. God wants you to succeed and we want you to succeed as well.

First Thing to do
Introduce yourself by telling us your name, where you are from and an interesting thing about your marriage relationship, that other members of the community can learn from. Make it short and brief. 

VISION Mandate
The vision mandate of this community is– ‘’ To help, support and collaborate with other couples, to create a long and fulfilling marriage union together’’

Mission Mandate
The mission Mandate of this community is- ‘’Ts to uncover the secrets of a successful marriage and support members create a happy relationship’’

Focus Group- Heterosexual Couples (Married Life Management area of expertise)

This Facebook close group community is meant for members of the following categories:
1. The Love Framework Mastery Program
2. The Reconnection Couples Retreat group
3. 1-2-1 Platinum Marriage Rediscovery Coaching clients
4. Couple Connect Conference attendees
5. Relationship Restoration Rest live events, Recreating Your Honeymoon Experience Live event and Marriage Transformation Live events/workshop clients
6. Serious-minded couples who want to change their relationship
7. Matured singles
These programs are products of Married Life Management(www.marriedlifemanagement.com).

Ask questions, get help, join the biweekly or Monthly Live Q&A calls with Chindah Chindah and his expert coaches.

This group is for couples to network, share ideas, and offer marriage tips, best practices, and collaborate. We want to make this a collaborative, helpful community where couples can come to share best practices, ask questions and get helpful advice and support from the group.

All other discussion, questions, sharing information, updates and topic-related posts are welcome.
Important Note- Hashtag to use for any write-ups, quotes, story, help, questions, or offering advice, will be #marriedlifemanagement. All one word. Each post will be subject for approval by the admin or admins.

Free Training within this group
There will be times when training will be provided for free within this close group. I will suggest, you make every effort to attend, whenever you hear of any. It will be an added avenue to learn from relationship experts directly and to enable you to ask questions too.

This community will become one of your greatest marital assets!

It’s a great place to…

Network with like-minded folks that are up to the same things you are doing

Bounce things off your peers (give help and get help) as a good human being

Encouragement, motivating and celebrating successful relationships and more…

We are here to support you grow in your marital knowledge and experiences.

Keep it fun. Keep is positive.

Finally, keep the topics related to only the modules and discussion in other courses and books related to Married Life Management products.

Ready to get going?
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