Mastering the Fundamentals of Marriage

Aug 15
Marriage should be easy, like driving a motor vehicle, once you’ve mastered the fundamentals and rudiments to creating a successful marriage. It seems that marriage is always portrayed in a negative light. But it’s not. The good news is…There is a common problem amongst marriage-seekers and couples. They all enter the relationship with unrealistic expectations. Many have a Romeo-and-Juliet mentality.

They forgot Romeo and Juliet is a fictional novel. Their story is sad because the so-called “whirlwind romance” is between two immature teenagers who are hormone-driven (Juliet, at 13 years of age, and Romeo, between 16-19 years depending on what source you research).

The entire thing is a drama where hormones take full control. In less than 24 hours, six people have died from lustful infatuation. This cannot be true, compassionate love. Don’t base your marriage on a novel or Prince Charming Disney character.
Instead, build it on Biblical principles and your own personal experiences, backed by research and scientific evidence.

Many people today enter marriages with no basic knowledge or plan of action to ensure a successful union. Romeo & Juliet is a common example of how many couples begin their marriage. Romeo and Juliet also suffer the same fate. The challenges of marriage are not to be taken lightly. You can both seek mutual assistance if certain issues are causing you pain or difficulty. Don’t die in silence.

Our relationships will be improved if only we could learn the basics. We would then dive into the details and put them to practice.

This will help to create peace in our marriages, and also in our relationships. People are complex. It’s like learning a new language or skill, especially if you’ve never done it before a car. My spirit would sometimes be down when I made silly mistakes. I was not happy with the speed of my progress. It was a blessing to have a driving teacher who pushed me and encouraged me. In short, I was able to pass after a couple of failed attempts. I passed the test because the Licence approval instructor believed I met the minimum requirements for a driver’s license.

When learning to drive in a manual vehicle, you may make silly mistakes, including not looking in the mirrors when it is time to, turning the wrong way, or driving too close to the car ahead of you, confusing them with your signals, and using the incorrect gear. You might also use the wrong speed limit, or exceed it, depending on the type of road, the traffic, etc. You persist in spite of the fact that these mistakes are made by many car learners. 

After some time you will get better and learn more with practice. Having passed your driving test and received your license, you must still be a safe driver. In order to drive safely and in compliance with motoring regulations you must maintain the HIGHWAY Code. There are consequences for disobeying the driving license conditions. It can sometimes be messy or detrimental to your continued driving on a road.

After marriage, do you think we need a marriage code? Do we want to improve our marriage in different ways? Who told us that we could enjoy marriage while not being serious about the relationship? How could we have believed that marriage can fix itself when there is evidence of cracks in the wall?

A driver will maintain their vehicle, wash it regularly, change the tire legally, etc. These are proactive maintenance steps to keep your car in good condition. The success of a marriage depends on the use of all available tools for immersive learning, including deliberate practice as well as engaging in continuous education. You could read marriage books, attend marriage workshops and seminars or engage in small group discussions. You can also seek professional coaching assistance, learn through online marriage classes, or receive group coaching.

You now know what I mean. It is important to maintain your marriage by being proactive and purposeful. All successful marriages stem from a couple’s desire to know and their curiosity in order to keep the relationship healthy, alive, and fresh. You don’t automatically have a great marriage. You build it from the beginning. You have been deceived if someone has told you or sold you a lie about the possibility of a wonderful relationship if you are a spectator during your marriage or courtship, and not a participant. 

What you want in your marriage is something that you create and maintain. You cannot live by faith or shortcuts. You will reap the benefits if you put in the effort. You can’t reap what you don’t plant. You won’t find a relationship ready-made, so stop searching for it. You need to make your own food and enjoy it.

Now, get the ingredients you need and begin preparing for your new relationship …..You deserve it and are worth it

I wish you all a very happy weekend. We look forward to assisting you in creating a great relationship, as well as providing you with one of the key marriage ingredients via our new program: God bless. Enjoy. Share your comments below so we can benefit from them.

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