Love Celebration Is Here Again

Aug 15
It is both exciting and satisfying to feel loved by our spouses and to share their love with them. Nobody wants to be treated as if their love is not valued or taken for granted. God, through His Son, gives us love universally. Love is taking a chance with the faith that everything will work out in the end if you have a solid foundation. God took a big risk by sending His son to die for us. He wanted to make sure we reaped the rewards of His pain and suffering. Valentine’s Day is celebrated today by many people, who will give gifts and make gestures in honor of St. Valentine. 

This post isn’t about St Valentine. So, leave it for now. But showing someone you love them shouldn’t just be on Remembrance Day. God’s love for us is eternal and He shows this all the time even when we don’t deserve it. It is not worth it to ignore the opportunity to show your husband or wife your admiration and love. The next second is not guaranteed. 
The life-owner can turn it off at any moment or allow an event to occur that sends you on a journey to life after death. You don’t need to boast or brag because you did not pay for your life, or the air you breathe each day. You can love someone unconditionally if they love you. 
Show it, embrace and enjoy it and do what you can to keep it fresh. The life is much shorter than we think. Take your love and connection seriously.
You should not let bad experiences with love or old news of your past stop you from being intimate and loving your spouse. Be honest with yourself. You deserve to be loved.
You are not entitled to continue your crazy behavior and thoughts just because your spouse is patient. If you are in need of help, I am happy to help you if you email me. You’re not supposed to be a monster or a headache in the world of love. I implore you to stop the madness and find ways to love once again.
So I wish everyone a long life filled with love and peace, both for their spouses and wives. Singles and engaged adults should test their love intentions and ensure that it’s not just a matter of emotions. Make sure the love is mutual and real.
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