Keeping your marital relationship alive and full of good memories requires you to create time to make it happen. Otherwise, you will become roommates one day. Marriage is one thing that starts with a lot of excitement but after a while, it becomes a routine of activities and chores. Connectivity and intimacy that once existed is now an occasional one-off visit in the union. Boredom and irritation become a normal state in the relationship. Each spouse starts feeling stuck and unhappy.

You might wonder why this is happening to many couples around us today. The answer is that, when couples allow work, personal ambition, goals, children’s demands, and the pursuit of achievements at all costs without regard to spending time together, they will destroy their relationship and their marriage will eventually become a routine or an item on their to-do list.

When you spend time together regularly, it feels like you are working together against the chaos of the world. Life cannot be all work, so a night or regularly time apart to focus on connecting and enjoying each other’s companionship and personalities, helps strengthen a relationship.

Just taking a little time to re-establish your romantic connection will strengthen your relationship and help you maintain aliveness in your marriage. God’s intention of marriage is not for it to be undesirable later because we never took care of it properly.

So start spending more time together.

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