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Trust me, you’ll love this program because it is practically biblical and scientifically backed up, to give mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical marital benefits

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Read on to discover How to create, navigate and maintain a strong, loving and satisfying marriage, by mastering the love framework proven strategies, backed up by tested scientific research and timeless biblical principles, made for couples in 9 simple easy steps!

Dear Friend!

Give me a FEW minutes and I’ll show you a simple 9-part STEPS that makes A MARRIAGE WORK.

I’m talking about a  sure-fire – and PRACTICAL  – way of creating a relationship with your significant other that lasts for a lifetime … in any situation…without sounding sleazy or manipulative by simply making a few small tweaks to the way you already act and perform your marital rituals.

What makes this LOVE FRAMEWORK MASTERY method so different from anything you’ve likely seen before is because it merges the gap between You and Your Daily action within the A to Z all marital principles in one place, by using THE LOVE FRAMEWORK MASTERY PROGRAM principles.

Let me quickly explain.

Marriage is supposed to be relatively easy like driving a car after you have mastered the basics and rudiments of how to create a successful marriage by choice. We hear a lot of bad press about marriage all the time and then, it looks like it is a doom institution.

Well, it isn’t. So that’s the good news…

The problem I have identified among many marriage seekers and some couples is that many people are entering it, with various unrealistic notions and movie-like expectations. Many enter with Romeo and Juliet Mentality.

 They forgot that Romeo and Juliet are characters in a fiction novel. The sad thing about their story is that the so-called whirlwind romance is between immature and hormone-driven teenagers. The whole thing is a play, where hormones are in full control.

You don’t build your marriage based on the fictional novel story, you build your marriage based on real-life biblical principles and personal experiential proofs backed up by scientific evidence and research.

 The worst part of the whole dilemma and crisis in marriages today is, many enter there without proper fundamental knowledge and action plan to execute for a successful marriage. Many begin their marriage like Romeo and Juliet. Unfortunately, they reap Romeo and Juliet experience as well. I am not making light of challenges in marriage at all. However, if you are suffering or finding certain aspects difficult, then, mutually seek help to move forward. 

If only we can all start learning the basics and immerse ourselves into the detailed fact-finding and deliberate practice of what we need to do to succeed in marriage, we will be better off in our relationships.

This will create a lot of peace in our relationships and marriages. Humans are complex and very similar to when you start learning any news that you have zero experience in e.g. a car. I remembered when I was learning how to drive; I was excited at the beginning but, as I keep making silly mistakes, my spirit was down occasionally, and I wasn’t happy with the pace of my progress at all. Thank God for an encouraging driving instructor, who pushed and encouraged me to continue. To be honest, I failed a few times, but I later passed after mastery the basics and minimum requirements to have a license.

So, learning to drive, has its own hurdles to cross, especially when you keep making silly mistakes such as: not looking at the mirrors at the right time, turning right or left at the wrong angles, trafficking within the wrong distance, confusing the car behind you or upcoming vehicles due to wrong signals, using the wrong gear if you are learning how to drive a manual car, using the wrong speed limit or exceeding it based on the road type and traffic conditions, etc. Even though these mistakes are highly likely with many learners, you are still persistent with determination. After a while, you start getting better with time and continue to learn with a lot of practice until you eventually pass your driving test and receive your LICENCE.

Consequently, after passing your driving test and receiving your driving license; You still need to keep observing the rules of driving by being a responsible driver. To be safe and comply with various motoring regulations, you still need to maintain the HIGHWAY CODE. If you disobey the conditions of your driving license, there are consequences and sometimes, it could be messy and detrimental to your continuous driving on a public road.

With that analogy, why do we think, after marriage, we don’t need any marriage highway code and continuous improvement in various aspects of our marriage? A driver will always maintain the car, change the tyre for legality sake, wash the car regularly, service the car, etc. These are precautionary and proactive maintenance measures to keep the car healthy and fit to drive. No marriage will thrive and be successful that doesn’t utilize all means of immersive learning through deliberate practice and engaging in all areas of continuous education and development. These could involve, reading, going to marriage workshops and seminars, engaging in small groups, seeking professional coaching, learning through online marriage courses or group coaching, etc.

So, it’s important, you don’t ignore the regular maintenance of your marriage through proactive and intentional engagement. All successful marriages are due to the couple’s intentional desire and curiosity to seek knowledge that will keep their relationship alive, fresh, and healthy. You don’t have an automatic great relationship.

And if you have been told or sold a lie that, a great relationship is possible by being a spectator and not a participator, you have lied to. You create and maintain what you want to enjoy in your marriage. No shortcuts or living by faith without works. Do the work and reap the result.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of how this works I'd like to make sure you're in the right place. 

So let see if any of these statements resonate in you, right now:

I am so different and incompatible with my spouse and it shows in almost everything we do.

I have tried to resolve our differences but, it fails because we have irreconcilable differences?

I’m afraid I don’t feel emotionally or sexually connected to my spouse as it used to be anymore.

I love my spouse but I can’t stand his or her attitudes, actions and behaviors anymore, I am just tired of this marriage honestly’.

All my marital expectations are not happening as I have thought and envision it in my head before I married my husband.

No time! Too many priorities. Kids, family, work – it’s endless, We don’t spend time together anymore and my marriage is just like a big daily routine.

We hardly talk at all these days, even when we talk, is one argument or the other. This is really frustrating me a lot.

I fell a bit trapped and stuck in this marriage because everything seems like my fault and I am constantly blamed and accused why the relationship, isn’t working.

My relationship is okay but I wish it could be better. I want to learn something new to spice and improve it.

I really want to prepare for marriage very well before preparing for my wedding day as a mature single adult. I don’t want to take this for granted. So, I am happy to start learning how to be a great spouse tomorrow.

I wish there was a better way to resolve conflicts or constant argument in marriage than just shouting and screaming at each other all the time.

I’m afraid I don’t feel happy because my spouse is stressing me out.

I wish me and my spouse can pray together more often and make our marriage more seriously as God had planned for us.

I wish we could plan out finances better and know how to invest wisely for our retirement.

My career and business are taking a lot of my time. How can I balance and still build a great marriage and enjoy my spouse without creating problems in my marriage?

I want to divorce or separate from my partner because marriage is no longer exciting or fulfilling anymore. But, I don’t mind giving it another go if I know what to do and how to go about it?

My career and business are taking a lot of my time. How can I balance and still build a great marriage and enjoy my spouse without creating problems in my marriage?

If so then sit down and stay tuned because this simple 9 tested, proven and practical strategies will...

Transforms You Into Understanding, Loving, Enjoying, and Feeling Satisfied With Your Present Or Future Spouse,
If You Practice The Love Framework Mastery Program Intentionally

And it:

Works if you want to Save your heart from breaking pre/post marriage

Works if you want to Save you the kids from traumatic and painful experiences avoidable divorce and separation

Works if you’re seeking for practical knowledge to build yourself up for creating a blissful marriage today or tomorrow

Works if you want to position yourself as the trusted teammate to your spouse.

Works if you want to know how to resolve conflicts, communicate better and build your emotional intelligence in marriage.

Best part of all…

guarantee it will work because I’ve taught it to hundreds of students who are already seeing massive results with the content of THE LOVE FRAMEWORK MASTERY PROGRAM.

Here’s what this is all about.

My name is Chindah Chindah

Over 7 years I’ve helped thousands of mature single adults, married, separated, etc to master how to build a strong, stable, and satisfying marriage through my 121 coachings, group coaching, speaking, etc.

I’ve witnessed failing marriage restored, 15 years separation restored, divorce canceled, light bulb moment of transformation happen.

But I didn’t discover this framework during any of those times by myself.

I discovered it when I lost my elder sister. Let me share the story with you:

I was sitting on a wooden stool in a slightly dark kitchen room while eating my dinner. Within a few minutes, my mum walked into the kitchen with a tearful, regretful, and painful facial expression. She said to me, if not for you and your other siblings, I would have left your dad because I am not enjoying this marriage at all and there is a lot of rivalry between us, the wives.

 She said this particular, due to lack of affection, attention, and love from my polygamous dad. He had three wives with 20 children between them. My mum had 10 children alone for him.

When I heard that from my mum, in my mind, I knew that my father couldn’t love me properly. Since he shares himself with his three wives, 5 days each between them. With this fact, I was convinced that my mum will never experience a complete marriage relationship that brings personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

So, hearing these words from her breathless and saddened tone, I created this story and belief in my mind that women were pleasurable avenues for men and marriage was just a necessary evil. I concluded that if you want a child, get married and make babies, that’s it. This impacted me so much, to the point of feeling irrelevant for being born and being part of my mum’s dilemma and a contributor to her unsatisfactory marriage and life.

It was very hurtful and made me believe these wrong notions in my mind as normal, that marriage isn’t supposed to be great after all. So, why bother to pursue a happy marriage anyway. This wrong thinking plagued me up to my early adult years.

However, in my confused and self-pitying state, another event occurred that worsen the whole situation for me. This left me totally devastated and plummeted further into a deeper pain and heartbrokenness.

 It was about my step-sister, who was a young, vibrant professional with an intense passion for life and defending/supporting helpless women in crisis such as women going through domestic abuse and suppression. Her desire to help drove her to study Law and journalism. She was smart, intelligent, and beautiful. Her passion for law and journalism was obvious in the way she handled everything related to her mission statement. She advanced so quickly with an epic-able attitude, determination, and focus. These qualities further enhanced her career so rapidly that she became very popular as a fearless journalist and a lawyer in my country.

Consequently, in the process of helping and doing her professional job, she met a man and fell in love as most people do.

The relationship became so serious, an intense-and proposal for marriage happened within a short while. This led to them getting married. In the beginning, it seemed like what she ever wanted and there was a lot of affection and love for each other. Everything seemed good and every member of the family was so happy for her and wished her well in her marriage.

 As the days rolled by, within her first year in the marriage, we realized that she wasn’t conspicuous and readily available for her duties and within the family as well. Her approachable and warm personality seems a bit unwelcoming and charming as usual. She became withdrawn and was hardly seen in public. My family became worried and concerned about her welfare.

 So, we went after her, and what we observed wasn’t great at all. She was being abused, emotionally traumatized, and isolated from what she loved. Her personal financial savings and assets were being squandered by her husband. The relationship became unbearable and depressing. She later requested to be separated from her husband, since things were getting worse and worse for her. Her beautiful dreams and excitement of a married life turned into sorrow, misery, and heartache. Unfortunately, prior to her leaving her husband, she fell seriously ill and eventually, suffered a severe stroke, that left her almost completely immobile and paralyzed. Her life became so stagnated and she battled this stroke for a few years. Due to her work in the Government of my country, she was flown to India to be medically treated by more professional specialists. The medical treatment helped to an extent but could not reverse the stroke completely. So, she was later flown back home.

She suffered greatly due to the deterioration of her health and on a quiet windy evening, after spending time with a few of the family members, she slept and that was it. It felt like that was a story and not a reality. She was rushed to the hospital and the medical professionals and hospital staff tried to resuscitate her, but it was too late. My beloved sister was gone and gone forever.

It was a sad day for me and my family. I was so sad, overcome by grief, and very bitter about how a great lady with dreams can just go like that. She was so good to me and supported me in many ways. The family felt a huge sense of loss and my father particularly didn’t take it so well, because he was over 90 years old when my step-sister died. Hearing that my sister had passed, causing him even more pain and all he wanted was to die as well. It was a very hard time for my family and for me, it changed everything.

Losing my sister triggered a spark inside of me and I wanted to know:

  • What can make a marriage work?
  • How can two different personalities create a great relationship that mutually benefits each person?
  • What are the skills and knowledge required to build a successful marriage?
  • Are we not supposed to have a happy marriage and live-in peace with each other?
  • How can two different person handle conflicts and still be lovable and live side by side in great joy and happiness?
  • What should be our minimum criteria before marriage and while in marriage, what ate the daily habits required to build a fulling marriage?

These questions need to be answered and I wanted to know it for myself.

My mum’s state and my step-sister’s death drove me into studying humans, personality types, doing research on various books, and case studies done by experts in the field of Human Medicine, Psychology, Theology, Family Life, and Marriage.

 I Assessed, analyzed, and deduced conclusions on failed and successful marriages of all kinds, including secular and religious marriages. I literally studied everything relating to the secrets of building happy and satisfying relationships. I did this with all passion and meticulousness, to know what couples can do to be happy in a relationship regardless of their individual differences.

The outcome of my curious mind and hunger for answers resulted in the creation of :



Galia Yakimova:
Daniel Omeiza:
Ralph Allison:
Suzannah Ogwu:
Seyi Akins:
Louise Adeniyi:
Pratik Bose:
Hepai Consulting:





This program had answered all my questions and I have personally used this framework to build a loving and lasting marriage with my wife for the past 13 years. So, I know the program works because I have used it personally and my clients continuously see results with the same framework as well.

Now, I am willing to share it with the world, so that intending and married couples can mutually work on their marriages and create strong, loving, and satisfying marriages they deserve. You don’t need to wish you had a great marriage anymore but, you can create it using my proven step-by-step strategies in 9 simple easy steps.

GOD wants you to succeed in your marriage and

be happy. So, don’t settle for anything less

than what He has planned for your marriage NOW OR IN THE FUTURE.

It’s one thing to fire off a MARITAL technique here and there and get someone to TRY IT OUT if it works.

It’s a completely different thing to transform yourself into someone who can experience and live their full potential as a husband or wife today or tomorrow.

Whatever might be your reason(s) for coming to being on this page. THE LOVE FRAMEWORK MASTERY PROGRAM has the potential to:

  • Recreate within you an intentional effort and right attitude to make your marriage work
  • Reconnect with your spouse on a deeper level of oneness and bonding
  • Revive and restore your intimate life for a more balanced and pleasurable marriage
  • Rekindle friendliness and true companionship as members of the same team and goal
  • And Renew your understanding of each gender’s differences and to improve your tolerance considerations index

Let me tell you what it will do for you, and how quickly it will work, and everything you get today.

The Love Framework Mastery program is designed with proven and scientific strategies that will revolutionize and transform your marriage into a strong, stable, and fulfilling marriage. Marriage is the best human relationship that has the potential to elevate and make you enjoy being a human. However, living with a completely different human being is not easy if you don’t have the tools, skills, and knowledge to navigate your differences for a better and harmonious relationship.

No matter how you might be feeling now about your marriage or searching for more answers on how to navigate THIS THING CALLED MARRIAGE. You are not the only one wanting to learn and improve their relationships because every marriage deserves a chance to flourish and be satisfying. You are special and I know God has a unique purpose why He wanted you to be married or put the desire to prepare for marriage tomorrow if you are still single.


“I will teach you the exact strategies, I used to create, navigate and maintain a strong, loving, and satisfying marriage for the past 13 years with my spouse, in simple 9 easy steps so that you can also create the desired marriage you want”


The 9 steps are in the form of modules are designed to address specific areas of marriage, for a holistic experience, to help you create the marriage of your dream with your spouse.

RECOMMENDED BY - Fela Durotoye

”My name is Fela Durotoye. I’m an Executive Coach, a Leadership Expert, a Global Speaker, and a Nation Builder. I have had the awesome privilege of working with Coach Chindah Chindah, quite a few times. And I can say for real, that he is vast, experienced and totally practical in delivering bespoke solutions to all relationship challenges.

One thing I love about this guy; he is real, he’s raw and he’s uncensored in his approach. To experience Chindah’ss transformational approach in helping you thrive and build a satisfying marriage. I highly recommend this course or any of his other services to you”

Fela Durotoye

Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, Global Speaker & A Nation Builder.

Dr. Naomi Osemedua

“One of the things I love about Chindah is his ability to share deep and intimate insights to strengthen the marriage relationship that will keep you at the edge of your seat and cracking up with intense laughter while he holds a straight face.

I cannot recommend him enough …Get this course if you are married, get it for your friends, get it for your enemies…and if you plan to get it right when you eventually tie the knot…do yourself and your future partner a favor and grab this course NOW!”

Dr. Naomi Osemedua

Founder- The Women with Stories International.


These guys are the real deal! They practice what they preach and I can testify that they experience, through God’s wisdom and grace, one of the happiest marriages I know.

If you’re wanting to experience more of heaven in your marriage, then this course is for you.

Steven Giles

International Evangelist / Transformational Speaker


My name is Eden A. Onwuka, I am a Maxell John C. Maxwell Certified Women Coach and the founder of; A Woman and Half. I’m a relationship and Mindset coach and I help women find themselves using Emotional mastery and Mindset

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Chinddah Chindah on several projects. And speaking to the lives of single women, single men, newly married couples, mature couples, just helping them in the area of relationship alignment to have stronger, better, more spicy marriages. Chindah Chindah is; I refer to him as Immense Coach.

He is that coach you need for your marriage. His background is a combination of Sciences, engineering, anatomy, spirituality and his multi-dimensional approach as an entrepreneur, in the IT space and still a mentor to many. He is practising clergy and a trained certified married counsellor. That rare combination where there is a slice of everything brings out this integrated holistic approach to relationships and marriages. We will all agree that in a changing world, a monosided approach no longer works, but a holistic integrated approach that speaks to the mental, spiritual, emotional, physical well-being of not just a relationship or union, but the individuals in that relationship is the futuristic way of managing relationships. He has my utmost respect and my recommendation.  John Maxwell Certified Relationship and Mindset Coach.

Eden A Onwuka

John Maxwell Certified Relationship and Mindset Coach.
Member, Forbes Coaches Council
Founder: Woman And Half (USA)


“I watched and listen to Coach Chindah teach sex and relationship. I ran and got my wife to join me. He was very: actionable, useful, and uncomplicated in methods to make marriage and relationships work. As Africa’s number one sales coach, I endorse this man.”

Paul Foh

Africa's Number #1 SALES TRAINER
Entrepreneur - Transformational Keynote Speaker


“Hi, I have got the opportunity to consult with Chinda about my very sensitive time of life, when I was getting married.
Chinda, put the light of his wide experience of dealing with couples on my crucial time of evolving as an independent professional girl to a responsible married wife. With his help, I could understand that a marriage is a journey where a not only one person can put his input. It’s a joint venture where both parties have to play their role equally. Now, I have been happily married for nearly 3 years.
Thanks so much, Chinda for your help and support. I would highly recommend everyone to seek his advice when dealing with relationship or couple issues.”

Erum Sajid

(Director) Work on It Ltd.
Senior Immigration Executive
Adam Bernard Solicitors

RECOMMENDED BY - Marine Wynter

“My fiance and I at the time had a session with Coach Chindah Chindah of Married Life Management LTD. It was quite a session with us. He made us delve into ourselves and our past as we prepare to get married. His questions made us look into our lives on a different level.

He is very honest and clearly has a passion for marriage. He taught us about building a long-lasting and ever-loving marriage. He also recommended books for us to read. For me, what was very prevalent, was the time I and my fiance had to spend preparing for our marriage which was due to his guidance and coaching. 

I would recommend highly and honestly that, anyone who wants to marry, should have some form of coaching before entering into marriage and Coach Chindah is the man. Things do come up in pre-marriage sessions. These could be things that you might be worried about beforehand but you still need to consider. It helps to discuss these things and communicate agreements properly, to get a better knowledge and understanding of each other’s perspectives.”

Marine Wynter

Stress Relief Coach


The foundation section of the Love Framework Mastery Program deal with the approach of defining this course, understanding marriage, myths of marriage and marital self-discovery with unique personalities.

This section of the course will awaken the reality of finding yourself in marriage and aligning yourself to your other half, so you mutually work together to create the marriage both of you desires.



  • How to resolve irreconcilable differences
  • How to manage your money effectively in marriage
  • How to create happiness and without feeling neglected anymore
  • How to go from sexless marriage to sexful marriage
  • How to discover your unique personality in your marriage
  • How to stop divorce and build intimacy and connection without growing apart again
  • How to easily prevent constant arguments and conflicts in your marriage
  • How to prevent affair and heal from infidelity trap syndrome
  • How to peacefully disagree with your spouse and still have a great marriage
  • How to handle marital stress without being depressed
  • How to communicate to your spouse, so they can listen and pay attention to you
  • How to align your career to your marital needs without destroying your marriage
  • And many more transformative outcomes
  • The Death of My Elder Sister Due to AN Abusive Marriage
  • Birth and life within a Polygamous Family
  • Turning My Pain to Purpose
  • Creating The Love Framework Mastery Program as a Result of My Elder Sister Marital Suffering and Death
  • How To Create and Maintain a Satisfying Marriage Daily (Full Course 1)
  • How to Start and Sustain a Happy and Joyful Marriage
  • How To Love Genuinely, Communicate Effectively, Resolve Marital Conflicts Peacefully and Enjoy a Satisfied Sex Life
  • How to Start and Build a Family-Oriented Career, Manage and Invest Your Money with High Profits Returns and raise Purposeful Children
  • Course 5 – (Module #2: Couple (Marriage) Overview
  • How to create and build a long lasting, enjoyable marriage for a lifetime.
  • Course 6 – (Module #3: Consistent Data Collection)
  • How to discover and develop your unique personality differences as a couple
  • Course 7 – (Module# 4: Convincing Commitment)
  • How to create and sustain a relationship commitment over time
  • Course 8 – (Module #5: Connecting Communication)
  • How to communicate your feelings and needs to your spouse effectively
  • Course 9 – (Module #6: Conflict Control)
  • How to settle disagreements and quarrelling without hurting each.
  • Course 10 – (Module #7: Considerable Consummation)
  • How to give and receive personalized sexual pleasure without feeling used.
  • Course 11 – (Module #8: Career Choice)
  • How to align your career with your marital responsibilities.
  • Course 12 – (Module #9: Currency Computation)
  • How to create and build financial stability together.
  • Course 13 – (Module #10: Child Care)
  • How to raise and support your kid’s development as a couple.

What’s Your WHY for Taking This Course

MODULE 10:  


Part 1 – Reproduction: A Godly Gift to Parents

Part 2 – Types of Children Variations

Part 1 – Child’s Training: Parental Responsibility

Part 2 – Child’s Training: A Holistic Approach

Part 1 – The Effects of Children on Marriage

Part 2 – Mitigating Suggestions to Deal with the Challenges of Raising Kids in Marriage

Part 3 – Rewards of Raising your Kids Mutually

MODULE 11:  



Lesson 1 – General Review

Lesson 2 – Benefits of Daily Implementation

Some More of Our Amazing Reviews

Chi Nonso:
Tolu Christian-Kolawole:
Triumph Oni:
Olukayode Esan:
Janet Adeola Jamesy:

Use your new Certification of Completion to Record Your Personal Effort Commitment to Create and Build a MARRIAGE that is Stable, Strong, and Satisfying with Your Spouse now or in the Future.

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*14 Day’s money back guarantee with evidence of taking actions and completing at least 50% of the course videos and exercises.



“When it comes to marriage, intimacy, and strategies for building a transformational marriage, Chindah Chindah does not play.

Chindah is driven by a passion to see couples enjoy marriage as a heaven on earth relationship. His energetic style of delivery makes him stand out as one of the best couple coaches.

Chindah’s coaching sessions are about the transformation of the heart and mind and he is an expert in delivery. To be in his sessions is to become completely Chindah, the term used to describe the experience in any of his sessions. I recommend him and also look forward to all the amazing things he has in his storehouse.”

Taiye Aluko

Certified Marriage Counsellor and Coach - Africa
Founder: H.A.P.P.Y Home Builder

RECOMMENDED BY - Tony & Nicki Vee 

“What can we say about Mr & Mrs Chindah Chindah other than that they are an amazing, talented, and loving couple committed to making a difference in the lives of couples struggling in their marriage.

They are both dedicated to what they do and are incredible at it. As trainers of coaches, it’s a joy to see them do so well in assisting couples to resolve their relationship issues.”

Tony & Nicki Vee 

Relationship Coach Trainers 


“I know Chindah & his wife for a few years. Knowing their work, coaching & supporting couples, and seeing the great results couples are having, also in my personal experience, I will always recommend them.”

Galia Yakimova

Life and Wellness Coach

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Chindah Chindah

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program is designed by couples and for couples to educate, equip and empower them to create and enjoy their relationships without feeling overburdened or regretful.


Learn and unlearn any routines that are holding you back from experiencing a great marriage with your spouse
Provide expert knowledge and practical teachings to support couples to rise above every modern-day marital demand.
Get acquainted with strategies and techniques from experts to help revolutionise your marriage from good to great and intimate relationship.

This product has unique additional features that might be found in other products out in the marriage market:

  • Introduction of spousal self-discovery (Discover your marital personality and temperaments with key gender psychological, emotional and physical differences)
  • Introduction of emotional intelligence in marriage
  • Financial education and Investment strategies in marriage
  • A comprehensive workbook to reinforce your knowledge and a lot of engaging practical work to complete with or without your spouse
  • A starting place for a full knowledge to prepare for marriage before preparing for your wedding day if you are a mature single or engaged person.
  • It’s biblically, scientific, cultural and personally relevant to our time and seasons of love.

We want to get you started doing work you love as fast as possible. So right after you sign up you will receive instant access, along with all of the videos, audios, interviews, workbooks, downloads, and bonuses with a unique login and password just for you. We like to update the content when needed, so this allows you to log in from any computer all around the world and receive the information at any time. The entire course is hosted on its own password­ protected website and you’ll receive weekly emails to keep you on track and motivated.

While the course is delivered online, it has a very simple layout, which requires very little tech understanding. We also have an awesome support team to help you out if anything comes up along the way.

Absolutely. We believe the fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around the people already doing them. Community and accountability are a huge part of making any change. Our private Facebook group will be huge for connecting with members and alumni from around the world. You post your questions or send them via support email for us to respond to you.

Each weekly module takes about two-three hours depending on your learning style and speed. And there are 11 modules including two short modules (plus a few bonuses), so the full course lasts roughly ten weeks with consistent effort.

The course is self-study so you can complete the modules whenever works best for you. There will be an email sent out at the beginning of each week that links to the corresponding module for that week, but you are welcome to complete it at your own pace. No chasing you like a school child. You are in full control of your pace in taking the course.

Not a problem. As a member of our Married Life Management Community, you get lifetime online access to the course material and free updates forever. Once you’re in, you’re in for life. That’s how we roll :).

The course was created by Chindah Chindah with the support of his amazing wife. They both founded Married Life Management Community, that is dedicated to helping mature singles, engaged singles, married and the divorced create beautiful and lost lasting relationships. Chindah Chindah is a Certified Life and Marriage, Transformational and Inspirational Speaker, Youth Mentor and Coach with certified NLP Status. He is passionate about God and the principles that can change our relationships backed up with scientific validations.

Since launching Married Life Management with His wife, he has helped several couples and singles prepare and build loving and satisfying relationships.

Chindah has also been asked to speak at events around the UK, South Africa, and visited other countries as well. He is constantly collaborating with other industry experts to keep himself up to date with new trends and strategies to keep his clients at the top of reaching their full marital potentials.

Based on our existing members in our community who have already joined or coached, have started seeing results in their relationships, we think you are going to love what we’ve created­! But of course, we realize it can’t be a perfect fit for everyone. At The Love Framework Mastery Program, we believe you should only pay for the things that actually get you results. So, if you go through the full course, do all the exercises and experiments, and within 30 days have not identified any shift and benefits in your relationship with your spouse, we will refund the whole course.

Simply put, we believe in what we created in The Love Framework Mastery Program. But we cannot do the personal immersive learning for you. We’ve done our part to create and will continually improve this program that we know will give you the tools and principles to facilitate in building and transforming your relationship to a deeper and meaningful place.

That being said, if you put in the work and go through the process, we are confident you will identify at least one thing that will help you move your relationship or marriage forward on a daily basis. But if for any reason you don’t gain value from this program, just shoot us an email at support@theloveframework.com and we will provide you personal support and/or refund your purchase.

At this time no scholarships are available. Fortunately, we have priced this program by reducing the original price so that it is affordable to all, especially compared to similar programs out there. This course is so detailed for maximum benefits and value.

Special Limited Time Discount Offer!



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