Bonuses and Giveaways! For This Course

Instruction To Join our incredible group:

1. Create A Facebook account if you do not have one already. You can get the Facebook App as well or use it via your internet browser.
2. Click this link to join the Facebook private group:
Introduce yourself by telling us where you are based and what you are looking to learn and grow while in this group.
Here Are Some Benefits Of the real mastermind group
1. I monthly webinars with Chindah Chindah alone or with Mrs Chimzi. or with other Expert Relationship Coaches or coaches via Facebook or another internet meeting platform. You will be fully informed before any webinar happens.
2. One Question and Answer Session Monthly alongside the monthly webinar
3. Facebook Private Group
4. Email Emergency Support
5. Monthly free give away where applicable
6. Occasionally free nuggets to keep you fired up to create and maintain a satisfying relationship.
1. Free Access to Watch our Couples Connect Conference 2019.
Click this link( ) to register and access your free course for 2019.Use the promo code as: LOVE2022 for both links. How to access the video, click the link to go to the page, click the buy all and complete the registration. Then, enter the promo code (LOVE2022) in the apply the promo code session and complete the process.
2. Free Ebook: What Can I Do To Make Marriage Work? Click this link to download your free book now.
4. 7 Rules of Fighting Fair without hurting your spouse cheat sheet. Click this link to download the file.
5. Marriage Review Questionnaire Checklist for Maintaining A Healthy Marriage. Click here and download
 Each Month Question and Answer Sessions Support
6. Free Accountability and Support Facebook Group
7. Unlimited updates & email support
8. Unlimited access to all Future related webinars
9. 30% Live Workshops, Online and Offline Couple Conferences including Couples Retreat Tickets
10. Exclusive 40% discount on all my relationship products
11. Exclusive 40% Reduced one to one with MLM Coaches if required.
12. 14 Day’s money-back guarantee with evidence of doing the course and completing at least 50% of the course without any visible result.
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