Two of the main reasons why couples in long-term relationships separate are boredom and lack of intimacy. This can be very painful and saddening to bear.

So this implies that play, enjoyment, and fun are vital to keeping a sense of connection between you and your partner. Never stop being friendly and playful.

As an adult in a relationship, when you engage in play your walls come down you feel relaxed and less tense. Your defenses have less of a hold. Laughter and humor will allow you to feel more connected to your partner. What this demonstrates is how play helps build and foster intimacy.

Consciously and regularly allowing yourself fun and pleasure shifts your thoughts away from what’s wrong or missing in your life. Instead, you’re drawn to look towards what’s positive and joyous about your marital relationship. You are awakened to the daily gifts of life with your partner, which should be full of happy memories.

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