The feeling of being loved and sharing associated expressive actions of love towards our spouses is exciting and fulfilling at the same time.

No one wants to feel less loved or their love being taken for granted. Love is universally given to us by God through His Son. To love is to take a risk with faith that it will eventually work out if your foundation is intact. God took a huge risk on us by sending His Son to die for us and to ensure we reap the reward of His pain and sufferings.

Many will be celebrating Valentine today with all sorts of gifts and gestures to remind society of St Valentine. My post is not about St Valentine, so leave that thought for now. However, showing that you truly love someone, shouldn’t be done just on a special Remembrance Day. God’s love towards us is forever and He shows it all the time, even when we are most undeserving of it.

Life is too short to miss out on expressing your love and admiration for your wife or husband. We are not 100% promised the next second. The owner of life can switch it off at any time or an event permitted by Him can occur to send you to live after death journey.

No need to brag and be boastful because you didn’t pay to stay alive or paid for the breath you enjoy each day. If you have someone who loves you and you love him or her in return. Then, show it, embrace it, enjoy it and do whatever it takes to keep it alive and fresh. Life is shorter than you think. Don’t take your deep-seated love and connection for granted.

Don’t allow bad news about love and old horrible experiences of love in your past, to hinder or change you from becoming totally intimate in your love with your spouse. You deserve the LOVE you are getting, so be real with it.

If you are the one destroying the love in your marriage or causing heartache to your spouse because he or she is patient with you, is not a license for continuous craziness in your head and behaviors.

You need to stop all such selfish and destructive behaviors and if you need help, ask for professional help ( I can help if you inbox me humbly). You are not supposed to be a headache or a monster in the arena of love. Please I beg you, to stop all madness and seek ways to love again.

So, I am wishing everyone, long life of love and peace with their wives and husbands. For mature singles and engaged persons, test your intending love and make sure it is not emotions only. Be sure it is real and totally mutual.

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Have a great weekend and please allow me to say…. I Love You All…..

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